Each year I go through the same routine, October arrives and with it an onset of seasonally affected changes mainly a dip in mood, a bout of anxiety and a loss of creativity. But no more!

I don’t claim I have cured the SAD syndrome but I have certainly had a good bash with some useful tips and times to celebrate.   Winter Solstice, the shortest, darkest day of the winter celebrated in style at the Duck and Waffle, Heron Tower central London. Coming into the city at 5am was no easy feat, given the oppressive darkness however watching the sun come up over the capital whilst enjoying the most amazing breakfast in one of the tallest buildings in London was certainly worth it. Each year I like to mark this day, from here on out our hours of light grow by an amazing two minutes a day. Think of it as an early Christmas present!

Winter Solstice at The Duck and Waffle-1

Helpful tips for SAD soon to follow!