Amsterdam, it’s the first time I’ve been and frankly it won’t be the last. From the moment we arrived I was overwhelmed with inspiration, why has it taken me so long to make time for this little gem? Here are our highlights, the dos and definitely don’t misses. Of course I will be sharing where we ate and how mind blowingly amazing it was. Amsterdam has to be the most amazing place I have ventured for food, the city is stacked with culinary excellence. I left feeling more than full.

When in Dam-f4

New Years Day was special we were needless to say jaded from the night before but we were up and out early exploring the city by foot. Only a handful of restaurants and coffee shops are open, the street are subdued and it is the perfect time to explore. We head to the to the Negen Straatjes (Nine Streets) to wonder in and out of lots of tiny independent boutiques. I’m on the hunt for something small and sparkly, some kind of keepsake. We stumble across what seems to be a Dutch greasy spoon. As we walk in I am apprehensive and hungover, the music is booming and the atmosphere is buzzing. I couldn’t think o anywhere better to enjoy the morning. It’s a little out of the way, with cats curled under tables and people chatting and laughing. There was an air of comradery in this busy little carven, eye contact accompanied with a smirk of ‘you look how I feel’ – which reminded me of my brother. I sat bopping with Brady at the table. This is one of my highlights it seems to tickle my slightly odd sense of humour. My omelette also lifting the haze from my brow.

When in Dam-f3

Out into the world we go! Not normally one for tourist excursions we decide it is best to take a tour around the canals. Do not miss this opportunity to see the city, there is a fantastic commentary of the history of Amsterdam, not to mention you get a completely different perspective viewing from the water. The tour is well worth the time, it takes you right out to the harbour and through many of the historic canals.

Say cheese! x