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“I originally joined Olistica Pilates after my Osteopath had recommended Pilates to help with my bad back. The classes are small, friendly and have really helped not only my bad back but my general well being.

I feel fitter, happier and healthier than I have felt in a long time. Sofia is a great instructor, she explains everything clearly, the classes are well planned and focus on different things each week so you feel that you are getting a total body workout!”

Donna Cotterell, Pilates

pilates classes in Baldock

“I met Sophia two and a half years ago, she was new to Baldock and started Pilates classes during the school summer holidays. I had never done any Pilates before and have found her teaching and professionalism was excellent.

Her classes were lively and very instructive. Sophia demonstrated the moves and positions and will correct the class members so that we gain the most benefit from the classes. To stretch and lengthen our bodies. Sophia has a welcoming personality is friendly and very knowledgeable she is enthusiastic about her subjects, Pilates and nutrition.

We work hard in the classes but they continue to be well attended and more classes and venues are being added. This is because Sophia is a very good teacher willing to share her knowledge with her growing number of students to encourage us to lead healthy strong lives.”

Penny Walker, Pilates Classes & 1:1

pilates class baldock

pilates weekly classes in baldock


9.15am Pilates (Intermediate), Belle and Bee, Baldock
10.30am Pilates (Beginner) , Belle and Bee, Baldock
6pm Pilates (Beginner) Studio 180, Letchworth
7pm Pilates (Mixed Ability) Studio 180, Letchworth


9.30am Pilates (Beginner), Belle and Bee, Baldock
6pm Pilates (Mixed Ability), Belle and Bee, Baldock
7pm Pilates (Intermediate), Belle and Bee, Baldock
8pm Pilates  (Beginner) , Belle and Bee, Baldock


9.30am Pilates (Beginner) , Belle and Bee, Baldock


9.15am Pilates (Beginner) , Belle and Bee, Baldock
6.00pm Pilates (Beginner), Belle and Bee, Baldock
7.15pm Booty Barre Studio 180, Letchworth


9.15am Pilates (Advanced), Belle and Bee, Baldock
10.30am Pilates (Beginner), Belle and Bee, Baldock

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private pilates classes

Private Pilates

For you or you and you nearest and dearest! I can provide tailor made Pilates session for the individual or small group of friends either in the comfort of your own home or at one of the studios I operate from in North Herts. Private Pilates sessions are arranged by appointment.

For more details please visit my `Work With Me` page or you can contact me directly via e-mail here

“Sophia is passionate about Pilates and it shows. Her classes are not just physical but she also passes on her knowledge explaining why each exercise helps our body and mind. Her enthusiasm rubs off and Sophia makes sure we work to our optimum level which stretches us” 
Julie Martin, Pilates 1:1 & Class


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