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Unlike any other morning this year I woke up bright and early excited not so much about the day but about my SECRET I couldn’t to spill the beans.

Really I should be asking my boy how this blog entry should go but here is my version of the events. Following the hype of last V Day I decided it was my turn to spoil him, I spent a good long while trying to take every into account for our date. Never mind what he wanted, I wanted romance, fun and excitement and of course to be with the one I love so I planned a day out to capture all of that and more.

It was difficult to come up with ideas at first, he had already suggest a spa day, dinner, an exhibition I have wanted to go to for months but I poo hooed each and every idea (I always enjoy surprises so would have been happy to do anything so God knows why I said no) I was nervous and excited all week about the plan I had made, I organised tickets, made travel arrangements and most importantly kept it an absolute secret only telling my Mum and my lovely clients.

In the wee hours of the morning I was up in the kitchen preparing our breakfast, well not so wee hours, one of my surprises was that the boy had taken the day off to spend with me. Over breakfast I was positively buzzing, too much jam and of course I was trying not to spoil the surprise.

This Valentines-1

We head into the city and I am doing incredibly well and still maintaining my secret, coming out of the tube at St Paul’s I keep a straight face, one glass of Prosecco and still a straight face. We ahead across to the Cathedral and I explain we are heading in. The cathedral itself is beautiful and the workmanship is astonishing, it was lovely to wonder around one man explains to me that there are several people heading there to propose on Valentines, I cringe inside!

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The Whispering Gallery is quite something, 259 steps up, the dome is quirky its design allows you to hear people talking on the opposite side of the room. We had brilliant fun whispering to each other before heading up the stairs to the top.

The top didn’t exactly happen after skipping the first few hundred steps, I slow up when they turn from concrete to iron and I see the massive drop. I slowly begin to freeze until I finally submit and turn back. It was lovely to see some of London we had never seen before, we don’t often take time out to play tourist and soak up local history.

From here we head over to the Madison roof terrace for drinks, it’s a lovely place with a nice atmosphere for afternoon drinks, I selected it for the views of the cathedral. Before heading across to Borough Market to a little place we have been before, Bedales Wine Library is low key and informal with a fantastic selection of cheese and wine. Kooky and cute for my valentines, I wanted to avoid anything formal or too stereotypical after the cathedral.

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It is also fair to say Maggie Magpie was very pleased with something small and shiny too!