I was deep in conversation with a fellow health practitioner when it dawned on me that the world of health, fitness and nutrition has become utterly confusing. I had to have an internal laugh when they told me about eating the ‘occasional potato’. I don’t want to sound like I’m mocking, I’m not it just really bought it home to me. What kind of a world is this we are living in? We are more health conscious than ever yet coming further and further from feeling the essence of true health – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel compelled to help well, at least try. Otherwise I fear I am throwing fuel on the fire, only adding to the problem.

I have spent the last 4 years or so questioning much more than the occasional potato. I questioned all dairy, nightshades, grains, gluten, pseudo cereal like quinoa. Yeast, sugar, dairy, meat, anything non-organic. The list goes on. I think the only thing left unquestioned was organic root ginger!

I’ve spent thousands on all sorts of supplements and appointments trying to figure my symptoms out. One dermatologist even told me I was smart enough to figure it out myself. Thank you but no thank you! What on earth was I supposed to do? I felt completely hopeless and unsupported.

Eczema and hives were only one of a very long list of unconnected concerns. Other practitioners have been immensely helpful and supportive sharing their time and expertise to help me heal, it’s been a long an invaluable journey.

Looking at my journey from dis-ease to health I can see how much value it holds, it’s been the most wonderful unfolding and after a long time cocooning I feel ready to share the stepping stones that have helped me along my way in a bid to simplify a very confused message surrounding the world of wellness.

Firstly, let me explain what I mean by an integrative approach. An integrative approach is looking at one’s health as an integrated system the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological system that make you, you without separating them out from one another. For example, your physical health isn’t a separate entity to your mental health and emotional experience of your reality. From the grass roots up, the belief framework that underpins every thought and therefore decision we make which ultimately brings about the physical manifestation into this time space reality. (I love this s***!)

Health as I understand it is about living your fullest potential in alignment with what makes you truly happy, your authentic self. The sort of happy you dream in your wildest dreams. The sort of happy that sits well in your soul.

This brings me to my why. Why am I sharing?

Knowing how it feels to be part way through this journey, I hope to maybe inspire or give hope to one other person and perhaps share a direction that might help them feel better. I believe that everyone everywhere only needs a footing in being able to help themselves, to be able to carry that journey on towards their own story of success by themselves. The beautiful thing is that everyone has a different story and the unfolding of it is where the magic happens.

I’m tired of reading blogs that leave me hankering for materialistic things, that keep me working all the hours I can to afford the next handbag or bigger house or swanky holiday. Things that truly bring me joy are so simple and need time, not cash. Connection not solitude. Love not fear.

I appreciate that the words ‘self-love’ when you’re not in that space feel awful, like a puzzle you just can’t solve. I completely get it and I’d love to share with you my guide to being able to get into this self-appreciating state that shows you even in times of doubt that you can do it. Whatever your starting point around any subject you can feel better and move towards achieving that dream.


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What can you expect from me?

I will be releasing a weekly blog which will become a steppingstone guide into how to apply an ‘integrative approach’. Each week will provide a little snippet maybe an activity or a process, sometimes a recipe or some information on Pilates, yoga and exercise. Expect simple information that’s easy to apply on a wide range of subjects from nutrition and lifestyle to stress management and motherhood. Also, probably good to expect somethings to be a bit off the cuff and to take me with a pinch of salt, rose pink Himalayan obviously!!


Every Sunday morning at 9am!

Lastly, just to let you know that your part in this beautiful unfolding matters, it matters to me and I want to hear from you. I want to know what you think, if these snippets are helpful. Comment, email or get in touch on social media I’m on Facebook and Instagram.

Your thoughts matter so whatever you do, don’t read and be silent be part of the community.

Light and Love

Sophia x