“I originally joined Olistica Pilates after my Osteopath had recommended Pilates to help with my bad back. The classes are small, friendly and have really helped not only my bad back but my general well being.

I feel fitter, happier and healthier than I have felt in a long time. Sofia is a great instructor, she explains everything clearly, the classes are well planned and focus on different things each week so you feel that you are getting a total body workout!”

Donna Cotterell, Pilates

Sophia has an enthusiasm for Pilates that goes beyond just the teaching. She is passionate about all aspects of body and mind and how Pilates can improve all aspects of your life.

No two sessions are the same which ensures all her students remain fresh and challenged. Sophia has a kind, approachable manner and always has new information to pass on during classes. Her approach helps you leave a class feeling strong and refreshed with newfound zest for life.

Kate Stovell, Pilates

“Sophia’s classes are such fun. She explains everything in a way I understand. Her approach is relaxed but she gets results!”
Janette Dougal, Pilates

“Sophia is passionate about Pilates and it shows. Her classes are not just physical but she also passes on her knowledge explaining why each exercise helps our body and mind. Her enthusiasm rubs off and Sophia makes sure we work to our optimum level which stretches us” 
Julie Martin, Pilates 1:1 & Class

“Sophia, always taking the time to explain why we are doing each exercise & explaining what part of the body it helps & making sure you are getting the most from the class!!! Your just fab & I love my classes Sophia!”
Sarah Brownsmith, Pilates & Booty Barre

“I met Sophia two and a half years ago, she was new to Baldock and started Pilates classes during the school summer holidays. I had never done any Pilates before and have found her teaching and professionalism was excellent.

Her classes were lively and very instructive. Sophia demonstrated the moves and positions and will correct the class members so that we gain the most benefit from the classes. To stretch and lengthen our bodies. Sophia has a welcoming personality is friendly and very knowledgeable she is enthusiastic about her subjects, Pilates and nutrition.

We work hard in the classes but they continue to be well attended and more classes and venues are being added. This is because Sophia is a very good teacher willing to share her knowledge with her growing number of students to encourage us to lead healthy strong lives.”

Penny Walker, Pilates Classes & 1:1

“I started doing pilates after having an operation on my lower back, and it’s quickly become my favourite evening in the week.

Sophia is really great at explaining each exercise, correcting any mistakes and providing alternatives to cater for the different abilities and injuries in the class. In the 5 or so months I’ve been doing Pilate’s its made a really noticeable difference to my core strength and it’s meant I have been able to restart all the other sports that I’d been scared I’d never be able to do again.”

Hannah Collard, Pilates Class

“Sophia explains, demonstrates and encourages you to do your best. As a 65-year-old I’ve managed positions I could never have imagined achieving before.”
Andy Smith, Pilates Class

“Small, friendly classes with a holistic approach to pilates and general wellbeing. With a small class you can really feel that you are getting the best guidance and help.

Sophia the teacher is also friendly and very attentive, helping clients to gain the best postures that they personally can without being pushed or feeling frustrated.”

Daniella Over, Pilates Class

“Having first started Pilates with Sophia in January of this year I can wholeheartedly say that I wish I’d started years ago!

The classes/exercises are so well thought out, there’s never been a class where I have been complacent or ever bored as Sophia continually encourages and energises all of us to work to our potential.

The absolute best thing is that as an Instructor/Teacher Sophia actively corrects the class members as and when required whilst embracing us with her warmth, mindfulness and overall loveliness.”

Vanessa Wong, Pilates & Booty Barre

“I began Pilates 18 months ago after a significant period of inactivity. Sophia is an excellent teacher who motivates you to be your absolute best not only physically but mentally too. Her calm friendly approach allows you to progress at your own speed rather than trying to compete with others.

During my Pilates journey I suffered a minor stroke, so we started the Pilates journey again from a different perspective to enable me to regain my strength and balance, I have been able to not only return to my pre-stroke state but in fact increased my fitness and strength to a higher level. I would highly recommend Sophia not only for beginners but also for those who are more experienced in Pilates as she can challenge all of us to become a better person mentally and physically.” 

Sophie Brace, Pilates & Booty Barre

“I’ve known Sophia for two years, firstly through booty barre classes and then through introducing my husband to her Pilates classes (which we now both do).

Sophia is full of energy, enthusiasm and positivity for how Pilates can make a difference to your health and wellbeing. We both feel that Sophia’s classes are hugely beneficial to us both. She is very supportive and encouraging throughout the classes. We love the way she layers the Pilates exercises for all levels and gently encourages everyone to believe in themselves and what they can achieve. We have both really benefited from Pilates and would highly recommend Sophia.”

Sarah & Frank Pike, Pilates & Booty Barre Classes