1.0 Introduction

2.0 Your Responsibilities

3.0 Group Pilates Classes

3.1 Bookings

3.12 Cancellations

3.3 Price & Payment Schedule

3.4 Extra Classes

3.5 Refunds

3.6 Swaps & Class Credits

3.7 Non-Attendance

3.7.1 Holidays & Illness

3.7.2 Adverse Weather

3.7.3 Class Cancellation

4.0 One to Ones

5.0 Nutrition Consultation

6.0 Contacting Olistica

1.0 Introduction

These terms and conditions cover all Classes, One to One appointments and Nutritional Consultation provided by Olistica Pilates from the 7th May 2018. These terms and conditions provide the basis by which Olistica Pilates operates, they are in place to allow for smooth running and protection for both parties. Your appointment to any class, one to one or consultation signifies acceptance of them.

2.0 Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to read these Terms and Conditions prior to committing to your appointment, should any disagreement, query or dispute arise these terms will act as the resolution.

It is your responsibility to complete the health and safety questionnaire provided by Olistica Pilates prior to your first class. And to provide an updated health and safety questionnaire should there be any change to your health during the time you work with Olistica Pilates, to inform the instructor of any injuries that may impact you during your class.

Your attendance is consent that you are fit and well to take part in the class.

3.0 Group Classes 

3.1 Bookings                                                       

Courses are run throughout the year in 8 weekly terms. When signing up to Olistica Pilates for the first time, details of the course you are booked onto, the dates and times during the first term and the venue will have been agreed with you in advance.

In order to give existing Olistica Pilates clients priority for courses each term, we use a re-booking system. This means that, unless you inform us that you either wish to change venue, day or time, or alternatively wish to stop altogether, we will re-book you onto the next course during the current term. Please note you will not be re-booked if your current class date, time or venue need to change for any reason. However, this will be outlined in the rebooking email.

Around the third week of each course we will send the rebooking email with details of the following course. This will include the course dates, detail any disturbance to the usual schedule of classes, such as bank holiday or venue closure. It will also include the cost of the course and payment deadline which will usually be at the mid-point of the current course.

3.2 Cancellations

Olistica request 4 week notice for permanent Cancellations.

Should you wish to Cancel your booking at any time please advise Olistica Pilates accordingly in writing. Upon receipt of this communication the 4 week notice period will commence. It is advisable to inform Olistica Pilates of your wish to cancel with 4 weeks remaining of your current course, a handy reminder of when the 4 week point is reached is the payment deadline. Following this advice you will not have to pay for any notice given. Should you fail to do so and the 4 week notice period runs into the next course, you will be required to pay for the additional classes. You are of course able to attend the additional classes paid for and continue to use the class swaps and credits system during this period.

In instances where by no notice is received prior to the new course start date, the full course fees will be outstanding.

The process explained above for Bookings & Cancellations has been designed to ensure both maximum opportunity for Olistica to run a healthy business, while affording Olistica Clients flexibility and clarity in their relationship with us. To help you understand further we lose very few clients at the end of each course however payments are frequently delayed, as such using prompt payment as a means to see who is continuing is not accurate and would result in your disappointment and ours. Subsequently it is imperative that we ask for written notice should you wish to change/cancel your ongoing reservation with us.

3.3 Price & Payment Schedule

Classes run in 8 week courses on a consecutive basis throughout the year;

A course of 1 class per week costs £64 (equating to £8 per class)

A course of 2 classes a week costs £120 (equating to £7.50 per class)

Should you opt to do more than 2 classes per week, the course cost for this is £7.50 multiplied by the number of weekly classes.

Olistica Pilates accepts BACS and cash payments, all payments are to be made directly to Sophia King. If you prefer to pay by cash, I ask that you settle your fees at the class prior to the due date. If you are unable to attend, please speak with Sophia directly to make alternative arrangements.

Late payments incur a £5 administration fee.

Olistica Pilates does not provide adhoc/pay as you go classes.

Prices will be reviewed annually at the start of the financial year (April).

New Clients: Payments are required in advance of the commencement date of your first class, fees will reflect the number of weeks remaining in the course and may also include the fees for the next course on the basis set out above;

For example, you want to join a class, you choose when you would like to start. This space is then allocated to you. Your payment for the class is required in advance of your booking, if your first session falls on week 4 of 8 or later the fees for the next course will also be due should you wish to secure your place going forward.

3.4 Extra Classes

You are welcome to book extra classes, please contact myself via email to make your booking. The extra class will be the regular price of £8.00

3.5 Refunds

Courses are non-refundable.

3.6 Swaps and Class Credits

Swaps and class credits is a procedure that has been put in place to allow you to take a class in place of your regular session subject to the terms below;


You may claim a class credit in place of your regular class if you are unable to attend your regular session by giving no less than 24 hours notice using the online Swaps and Class Credit system.


If you cannot attend at short notice (i.e. less than 24 hours) It would be appreciated if you could enter that onto the online swaps form. Many classes are popular with clients waiting for spaces to become available to use their class credits. If somebody is able to use your short notice swap then you are entitled to claim a class credit to use at your convenience. If no one has taken your short notice cancellation your class unfortunately then becomes a missed class. It is for you to check the next day.

*This short notice term has been introduced to allow maximum opportunity for clients to reschedule classes when necessary.

If you book a class credit/swap and then do not turn up, the credit is forfeited and becomes a missed class.

If you are unable to give any notice and do not turn up, this also becomes a missed class.

Never delete anything in the live Google sheet. If you notice a problem, please let me know.

I cannot guarantee you a space in a catch-up class.

Your class credits can be carried over to your next course for up to 90 days however they will automatically become a missed class and hold no value either a) after this period, or b) if you do not book onto and pay for the next full course.

Credits are not transferable to another person.

Please do not ask for me to manage your swaps and class credits. It is for you to manage and use the provided system to organise your classes.

This service is run on goodwill to help you make the most of your classes. However, it can be withdrawn at any point if necessary.

3.7 Non-Attendance 

3.7.1 Holidays/Illness

If for any reason you are unable to attend your regular class you may avail to use the class swap system to catch up any missed classes. No reduction in payment for the course is available.

3.7.2 Adverse Weather

In the case of snowy and icy weather, please drive carefully, if conditions are such that I need to cancel. I will contact you by phone to let you know, please check your phone. In these circumstances you will be offered a refund for the cost of the class, a class credit if you wish to attend another session or deduct the cost of the class from the next course dependent upon your preference. If the class is running but you choose not to attend, then I am unable to offer this. If you are booked to attend a catch-up session, please use the swaps and class credit form to book an alternative date.

3.7.3 Class Cancellation

Where possible you will be given as much notice as possible if a class needs to be cancelled. i.e. to allow for bank holidays and annual leave if no cover is available. Under these circumstances your course fees will be amended ahead of time and so no refund will be required.

Whilst I try to keep last minute cancellations to an absolute minimum there may be the odd occasion whereby it cannot be helped. Under these circumstances I am always happy to refund the cost of the class, offer a class credit if you wish to attend another session or deduct the cost of the class from the next course dependent upon your preference. It is always with regret and huge apologies if ever this should occur. I will contact you by phone and failing to speak with you I will follow up by text message. If you are booked to attend a catch-up session please use the swaps and class credit form to book an alternative date.

4.0 One to Ones 

 24 hours notice must be given for any cancellations or the full fee for the one-to-one appointment will be charged.

One to One Session – £4

5.0 Nutrition Consultation 5.

24 hours notice must be given for any cancellations or the full fee for the nutrition consultation will be charged.

Initial Consultation – £65

Follow Up Appointments – £45

6.0 Contacting Olistica 

 I can be contacted Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm, during these hours I am often working in class or with private clients, however I will endeavour to respond to you as promptly as possible. Please refer to the Swaps and Class Credits form to book and reschedule your sessions.


Tel; 07919 001 772