It is the month of love and so I wanted to pass comment on the most important relationship in our lives, the one that brings us true happiness and forms the foundation from which we create beautiful relationships with others. Ladies and gentlemen, the relationship we have with ourselves.

Our external world is a mirror of our internal beliefs. The universe will seamlessly align us to those who mirror back to us what we already believe to be true and in so doing magnify those beliefs highlighting the holes in our shield of selflove and compassion.

What we think about becomes the truth for us, our reality. We are living in our very own matrix.

Through every thought and feeling we are carving out our own life experience, whatever is going on outside of us is mirroring back to us what is going on inside, our internal dialogue and the beliefs we hold. As others mirror back to us what we believe to be true we reflect to them what they also believe to be true.

These beliefs are like filters, everything is tainted by them, but we don’t always know they are there.

Asking yourself questions can be an insightful way to challenge the beliefs you may hold about yourself. It may open the door way to your subconscious

What sort of a person…

…doesn’t go for opportunities they have always dreamt of?

…lives in an unpleasant environment?

…doesn’t take care of their body?

…stays in relationships that make him/her unhappy?

…allows them self to live under constant financial pressure.

….always says ‘YES’ even when the answer is no?

….always say ‘NO’ when the answer is yes?

…doesn’t let people in.

…lets people walk all over them.

….tries to control others.

…allows others to treat them badly.

The list can continue in which ever you want to take it. The long and short of it is, why does anyone undermine their own happiness, their right to connect with the full energy of all that they are and mistreat themselves in such away that holds them apart from all that they are.

I think it’s one thing to recognise what may be mirrored back to you but more importantly how can we adjust our perspective to fine tune our life experience. How can we improve our own happiness?

Stepping stones to a happier you

Know your worth

You are divine, nothing more nothing less. So many of life’s hiccups come from the internal belief that one isn’t ‘enough’ in some way shape or form. To find responsibility for yourself is to find empowerment in all situations. To know that you are deserving of every hope and dream, that you are good enough at whatever you need to be in order to take that next step.


To compare yourself to another is to limit yourself to their goals and dreams. To find contrast is to know and understand what your next desire. The linguistic difference is minute the feeling place of difference between contrast and comparison is vast. You feelings represent your vibrational alignment to all that you are, the better you feel the closer you are to your true essence.

Positive Aspect

List them, it doesn’t matter how small a positive belief needs to be in order to start benefitting from them. The important thing here is that you genuinely believe in the positivity you proclaim, every positive aspect needs to come from a genuine place of heart felt appreciation. Sounds highfalutin, but you can’t lie to yourself, it just won’t work.


Take time to connect to yourself, to know the feeling of true alignment to yourself. It’s a lot like tuning into a radio channel you’ve just got to find the right frequency. Do what you need to in order to tune in to yourself. Meditate, sing, dance, frolic and play. My personal favourite is to laugh and shop weirdly enough, it just brings me back into myself more so than any other snazzyjazzy ritualistic routine. So, try and be open to whenever you notice yourself slipping back into that happy place.


That self-love and compassion radiates out to add value to relationships as apposed to love and affirmation coming from our relationships. Focus on finding compassion for yourself in the truest sense of that you are feeling.