Spring has arrived and totally inspired my taste buds. Be gone with you root veg and welcome in the salads.

Water Melon, Feta and Mint Salad with Pulled Pork

I seem to have adopted my Grandma’s technique for cooking and if I can create some dishes that are a patch on hers I will be one proud granddaughter. She would be heard saying, ‘and that’s that!’ from the kitchen as she was guessing out how much of what she needed to add, tasting along the way.

You will need;

A water melon, feta, mint, one lime, black olives, red onion (optional). A shoulder of pork, lots of seasoning.

These are very simple instructions just ask yourself how hungry you are when considering the proportions, oh and how prettying it looks in the bowl.

Firstly turn your oven on nice and low, I set it at 120 degrees and put the well seasoned pork shoulder in for a good three hours, checking occasionally.

Spring and Salad

For the salad chop your melon into bite size chunks, I used about a third for two people. Then slice your black olives and throw them in. I then grabbed a big bunch of mint and roughly chopped it popping everything into a big salad bowl. Then add your feta, chopped in to cubes, I used two thirds of the block. Lastly squeeze half the lime into the bowl as a dressing. Check your measurements by asking yourself if it looks like you want to eat it, make sure there is a good balance of colour, red, green, black and white.

Spring and Salad-1

Sample your handy work. And that’s, that!

Back to the pork, after a good long while you should have created some lovely tender pork ready for pulling. Leave it to rest for 10 to 25 minutes and then using two forks or your clean fingers being to pull and shred it, ready to serve.

Spring and Salad-3

I also make some little roast potatoes mainly to make sure its a fulling mix for my guinea pig, I know he’s a big eater. I chop them, season them and add some smoked paprika, in the oven for 40 minutes. While the pork is resting don’t forget to put the temperature up to about 200.

Spring and Salad-4

Spring and Salad-5

You could use the remaining half of lime for a wonderous G&T aperitif, or you could use it to jazz up a nice jug of water with some sliced cucumber and ice.

Either or serve and enjoy! x