I feel somewhat out of place categorising this very special ‘date’ as a lifestyle blog. Sketch seems to epitomise almost all of my lifestyle aspirations. It’s fun, quirky and impeccably stylish. The food was fantastic and we were enveloped in art, music and an air of eccentric simplicity. As you know I love romance in all its forms and this bought about a very special beginning to what will be a very special year.

The boy did well. Very well indeed!

So for all you budding Casanova’s in the season of lurve…Take note!

It’s hard to know where to begin in trying to describe what Sketch is. In a nutshell it’s much like a secret adult’s fairground, devoted to impressing the senses. From the moment you walk through the door you are transported to the Sophia world of make believe – I’m sorry but it’s another one of my fairy dust haunts! It was and is incredible I loved our experience from the pre-dinner cocktails to the milk chocolate and foie gras, to meandering home. It was just sensational.

We had a reservation in The Gallery, which hosts an impressive installation by David Shirley. 239 original drawings exhibited on the restaurant walls. I like his work and I love his manifesto, “Weak messages create bad situations”.

The vibe was eclectic, there was most definitely a vibe the whole place buzzed with energy. It was intoxicating.

We sipped on cocktails and danced in our bar stools listening to a feverish blend of old hip-hop tunes; it did make us giggle. We ate in the pink marshmallow room. My favourite dinning room, in fact if I was to be a dining room this would be it! We feasted on a culinary throng of juxtaposing flavours and textures. The whole place screamed fun and laid back chic. My frock even coordinated with the décor! How often in your life to you get to say that without feeling minutely embarrassed.

I loved it and would defiantly recommend that you book for your next special occasion. I can’t wait for my next excuse!