Any season is salad season as far as I’m concerned. I like this one served warm, it’s delicious as it is or you could serve with a side of smoked salmon. The flavours remind me of being in Copenhagen.


Serves 4

LEMON YOGURT DRESSING: 200ml Plain yogurt • 1 organic lemon, juice and finely-grated zest 2tbs roasted pumpkin seeds  • salt and pepper

Yogurt alternatives, if you prefer to avoid dairy you could also use a plain coconut yogurt.

12 asparagus spears  • 8 radishes  • 200g boiled carrots  (I use heritage ones, they’re prettier!)  • 10g dill  • 150g peas  • 100g spinach


Stir the juice from the lemon into the yogurt, and season to taste.


Snap the tough end of the asparagus off. Finely slice the asparagus length ways. Cut the radishes length ways, and the carrots into sticks. Chop the dill coarsely. Mix all the vegetables together with the spinach and dill, and serve in a large salad bowl with lemon yogurt and roasted pumpkin seeds.


I hope you enjoy it

Love and Light

Sophia xx