This time of year, so many of us are looking at where we can strip back to be healthier, thinner and more beautiful.

Is it me, or do a lot of us follow that notion? Maybe we’re cocooning ready to spread our wings with the warmer climes or maybe we’re just being mean to our selves. Who knows?!

I often wonder what’s at the root of those thoughts, that often end up making us feel a bit, well err…miserable! Probably a miserable belief we hold about ourselves is there making us miserable willing to give anything a try, bring of the fad diets and relentless routines that will not only leave you exhausted but also further away from your desired outcome.

Anyway, today I coming to you with a few steps I’m taking to chemically detox and learning how along the way I can make healthier choices for me and my family but first let me tell you a few ways that normal everyday house hold chemicals can interrupt your wellbeing.


Firstly, and for me mainly chemicals can interfere with our hormones. I think as a woman this is of importance, it’s not nice to feel unhinged from time to time just because your hormones a swinging all out of whack. Anything I can do to support this delicate balance is a no brainer!

The endocrine system is very basically a messenger system comprising of feedback loops between the glands which release hormones the messengers to help manage and regulate almost every cell, organ and function in your body.

If your endocrine system isn’t healthy, you might have problems developing during puberty, getting pregnant, or managing stress to name a few examples. There is little concrete evidence to support the idea that household chemicals are fully responsible for a raise in various illnesses.

My take is simply to reduce out exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in our environment, my voice is one of mediocracy at the moment, fine tuning a few simple steps.


We absorb 80% of what we put on our skin, have you ever stopped to count how many gels, creams and powders you use daily? Me either – I use 4 on my face alone, morning and night!!

Okay, so I’m no expert on beauty but this is how I stripped back on my chemical exposure in the bathroom.

Firstly, I went through mentally and listed things I personally feel invested in. So, for me my facial skin care is the only thing I feel majorly vested in and something that although not completely ‘green’ I don’t want to part with right now.

Other than that, I have one by one over the past few months been replacing my old chemical laden cosmetics with natural, certified organic replacements. I’ve made simple swaps like using coconut oil instead of shaving foam, using essential oils and natural bath salts over bubble baths.

My 3 favourite natural beauty treats I love to include as part of my week are:

  • Epsom salt bath, it’s the holy grail of selfcare. They are full of magnesium and encourage the body to shed toxins. Toxins encourage water retention and cling on to fat. The salts boost digestion and can help to reduce cellulite.
  • Dry body brushing, before getting in the bath or shower. Simply brush is light strokes in the direction of you heart, I always start at my feet and work inwards being more gentle over sensitive skin.
  • Using natural haircare products, I’m naturally curly and found that using everyday shampoos and conditioners were leaving my hair lank and lifeless.

I can’t say it’s changed my life all I can say is that I personally feel happier for it and that I now enjoy my little rituals much, MUCH more than I did before. Beauty for me has always been about enhancing what we have naturally anyway.


There’s nothing sexy about cleaning is there?

I transitioned from my old everyday products to plant based nontoxic versions and have been pleased with the transition. As I said there’s nothing all that sexy about cleaning except the part where everything is clean and tidy and looks ravishing.

Other simple swaps you can make are using glass instead of plastic for food storage, avoiding cling film where possible. Use high grade stainless steel, stone and wood for prep and cooking.

Never touch a microwave!

Use filtered water for drinking, cooking and washing foods.

So there we have it, a very basic approach to living a greener, more environmentally friendly life that’s kinder to you too!

I’d love to hear what smart swaps you make, leave a comment xx


Many thanks to Laurey @The Colourful Dot for sharing her inspirational imagery