There is no right way to get on the self-love train but one thing that is certain is that everything is connected so making small improvements in one area of life will have a positive effect on another area. Choosing to nourish your body will leave you feeling energised and able to make better decions else where.

I absolutely love a little smoothie bowl, I know it’s popular to enjoy them for breakfast but I much prefer as a sweet treat after dinner.

Acai berries are a Brazilian ‘superfruit’ they are jam packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralise the damaging effect of free radicals throughout the body so this recipe is not only sweet and creamy but healthy too.



Serves 1

1tbsp freeze dried acai berry powder

1/2 frozen banana

100g frozen berries

1 date, pitted

150ml coconut milk


It’s pretty simple, just blend the ingredients listed above. I used my nutribullet for ease.


fresh banana, berries

passion fruit

chia seeds

bee pollen

cacao nibs

goji berries

coconut flakes


flaked almonds

pumpkin seeds

Don’t forget presentation is everything!

I hope you enjoy your creation.

Love and Chi Sophia x