Resolutions to my mind are something to be enjoyed and there to enrich the year to come. They should fill you with excitement and purpose. This year I’m starting late, it’s taken me a little while to fully consider all the options and to steer clear of the usual suspects when it comes to dreaming up a load of silly rules that just scream to be broken. So here goes…

Surround Yourself with Joy

In the past I promised to become more organised, this year I am going to surround myself with all things that bring me joy – organised or not! If everything we are surrounded by we cherish and find some element of joy surely life will feel happier, clearer and more zealous. De-cluttering my space to create a small oasis of inspiration to let my mind relax and live the lifestyle my clutter is robbing me of. I find so many things just unnecessary, I hold on to so much I don’t need to and it clogs up my mind, and leaves me spending hour sifting through all sorts just to find the one thing I happen to need.

Always Stay True

This one follows directly on from the last, it is quite simple and it is to always stay true to you and whatever brings you joy. It’s inspired by having spent quite sometime discovering what brings joy, and noticing how this over shadows stress. I often read little quotes sprawled across social media that say, ‘there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman confident in her own skin’ or words to that effect and it is true. Nothing feels better than being comfortable in your own skin and being comfortable with that that your are surrounded by.

Quality not Quantity, Eat Seasonal

Some foodie ones:

Eat less meat but of a higher quality: Many people are disappointed to find out that I am a meat eater, I’m not sure why I fly the vegan flag so high. (I am sorry to disappoint or offend!) This year I intend to buy all of our meat from our local butcher’s. We are very fortunate to live very close to an award winning butchery who  provide very high quality produce. I often give into poor organisation and buy from the supermarket even though I am 100% aware it’s not actually of the highest standard. And anyway I’m forever saying how healthy the butcher’s skin looks.

Eat seasonal: That’s it, it’s a pretty simple one. We’ve just inherited an allotment and fully weeded it, so this year a little project for my fiancee and I is to grow our own and then eat seasonally. I will of course supplement this with the farmers market and use any new found knowledge at the super market. That being said I’ll still want my fix of bananas and I’m fairly certain they are neither seasonal or local.


Simple ones:

Exercise for me three times a week. No more. No Less!

Skin care – you have a routine use it. (Even if you have fallen asleep on the sofa)

Reclaim Weekends

Remember that dream you had of what it would be like when..? Well now is when and it doesn’t quite feel like you had imagined. Please say that is not just me? Just to fill you in I imagined I’d wake-up and skip to the shop to read my sunday paper over freshly cut and toasted bread, a beautiful cup of fresh leaf tea, whilst donning the latest fashion in loungewear. I’d sit in silver metallic, leather Moroccan style slippers, in my dream these had some white embroidery to tie in with neatly pressed white cotton aforementioned loungewear. To date I’ve never seen these slippers, bought any lounge wear or skipped to the shop to pick up a paper let alone read it. However 2016 seems to presenting me with an undoubtable feeling of, now is when and I can’t ignore. It’s an enjoyable feeling and something I want to hold on to.  In order to reclaim those weekends (maybe not even all of them) I am going to dedicate time to my to do list and finish it by the end of my working week. It’s all very systematic but my plan is to restore routine and order to the 9-5 and give my weekends the freedom they deserve. This one is going to have to be working progress, practise makes perfect.

Take Interest 

Everything is just more interesting when you take interest. I’m applying it to all areas of life from when I travel, the food I eat and the people I meet. I’m naturally quite a shy person so don’t find it particularly easy to ask so many questions, but this year I want to take interest, every bodies got a story and it’s always a pleasure to hear.

Do Less, Enjoy More

I love a good plan, if it were left to me I ‘d plan every second of every day but it leaves no time for spontaneity and there’s nothing I love more than being spontaneous. So I plan to plan less (excuse the terrible pun) in order to enjoy more.

I would love to hear what your thoughts for 2016, please get in touch by leaving a comment below.

Sophia xxx

Photo Credits with thanks go to Pinterest, Sincerely Jules, Folk magazine, mija_mija and of course my own wanderings.