Raw food seems to be in the press rather a lot these days, I’m forever coming across raw recipes and raw reasons, increasingly I see Raw ‘cook’ books, raw restaurants and most importantly raw chocolate, which I have tried and enjoyed very much. I personally try to eat at least one third of my diet raw, I have never made a special effort to go raw I just like salad and fruit so it’s always on the menu.

This photo is actually celebration of raw goodness, when we were away during the summer it was more difficult than you’d think to lay your hands on a salad without it being swamped in sauces, chips, pastas, slaws and various other naughties. I had a salad most morning for breakfast but it the end it didn’t suffice and far more than wanting ice cram and chocolate I was craving for my tomatoes and avocado. Luckily for me I found a lovely local market for all such luxuries.

So here you go 5 reasons to go raw!

1. Raw food has the best balance of water, nutrients, and fiber to meet your body’s needs and so nourishes and satisfies the body most efficiently.

2. Using high temperatures depletes the nutritional value, vitamins and minerals are lost in cooking and so we do not benefit from them when they are on our plate. Proteins and fats are damaged and natural enzymes are destroyed these benefit our digestion.

3. The high nutritional content of raw foods means that our needs are satisfied for longer so we don’t have to eat as much.

4. Eating raw reduces the risk of illness, cooking can create free radical which our bodies don’t deal with too well. But eating some foods raw can help detoxify our bodies thus boosting our immune system.

5. Eating raw also means eating unprocessed and natural and this is the best type of food for your bodies. Nourish you mind body and soul with all it needs and you will cure your cravings and boost your energy.

All this being said there are obviously some foods you need to cook, else you will be very poorly, get creative but use your noggins!