Privacy Policy and GDPR Requirements

We are committed to protecting your personal information and respecting your privacy, the data you provide is always treated with the utmost respect, never passed on to any third parties and only used for reasons that you would expect as outlined within the body of this policy. We aim to be clear with the reasons for asking for your personal data and completely transparent with where it is stored and how it is used and the procedures taken to ensure it is kept safe.

Please make time to read our privacy policy and be aware that it is to be reviewed regularly any noteworthy changes will be communicated directly to those of whom use a service provided by Olistica Pilates.

What information do we ask for why and where do we keep it?


At Olistica Pilates we ask that on enrolment to one of our courses that you complete an enrolment form, within the form we ask for personal data such as, your name, postal address, email address, phone number and details of your health and next of kin. It also asks for you to consent to the use of your personal information to receive correspondence from us and for you to agree to the terms and conditions by which Olistica Pilates operates.

To be able to do our job as Pilates teachers and nutritional advisors, we need to ask you information about health conditions and injuries. It is very important you give accurate and current information to us and keep us up-to-date with your state of health. Your personal information is only ever collected for teaching purposes, Olistica Pilates asks for necessary information to enable us to work with you.

Your enrolment forms are stored as paper copies within a locked filing cabinet, they maybe uploaded to a password protected computer which is also stored in a secure place. Only Sophia King owner of Olistca Pilates has full access to the personal data held. Studio instructors may have access when necessary, enabling them to review health information to effectively plan your treatment or class. All studio instructors have received and signed updated contracts which adhere to the GDPR legislation.

We do not discuss you or any details of your health with anyone outside of Olistica Pilates. We may only discuss your health on the occasion that you may be working with another teacher, if this is necessary you will be informed ahead of time.

Health Information:

You are asked to provide some information about your health on enrolment, this information is to give us the teacher or nutritional coach relevant information to ensure you are safe within the service we provide. Avoiding any exercise or advice that may contraindicate your current condition of health. In short, we just want to make sure we can look after you and make sure your safe whilst in our care.

Next of kin

The name and phone number of your next of kin are stored in two places, the health questionnaire you return when you start work with us and within a password protected, secure database accessible to the aforementioned studio teachers. This information is only ever used in the case of an emergency. We hope to never use it however it is important to have it accessible to the instructor if in the unlikely event we do need to contact your next of kin should an emergency arise.

How and Why your information will be used

Your contact details will be used to contact you to maintain the service we provide.

This includes email correspondence to provide information or the service you have requested from us – including booking 1:1 appointments and courses, responding to enquiries and requests, special events we periodically offer.

To provide you with a valued service we may contact you to ask how you are progressing with your practise and whether there is anything we can assist you with in order to enhance the service provided and therefore the benefits you may achieve.

To provide you with other information that may be of interest to you. This may include, newsletters, video links and blog entries, events including workshops and retreats. Details of promotions, new classes and competitions.

Your name and attendance will be used to maintain a register of each class, the register is used only for confirmation of your attendance and for health and safety requirements.

To administer and process payments you make for services.

Your telephone numbers to notify you of any disruptions.

Data Security and Sharing

We know how much personal data matters we endeavour to go the extra mile to ensure it is kept safe and only used as necessary, as such personal data is never passed on to any third party.

Studio instructors have access to your personal information provided by yourself on enrolment for the purposes set out in the policy only, that being to provide you the client with the service provided by Olisitca Pilates.

Physical and technical safeguards are in place to protect all information provided by you and ensure that all information is kept purely confidential.


You may contact our data protection officer Sophia King should you have any queries.

Phone: 07919 001772 Email: