Whether you take Pilates, yoga, run, swim, sit or fly. PAUSE for thought (maybe not even thought maybe just to experience that moment and to feel.)

We live at a time whereby we are constantly bombarded by the media. Forced to conform for social acceptance and rarely getting the opportunity to get out of our head and into our body. It’s a strange thing to consider that we don’t get out of our heads but it’s fairly true.

The majority of jobs require a lot of thought; our mind are always on overdrive. We constantly receive new information via the internet in all it’s different forms, especially from our mobile phones which don’t seem to give us a break from social media and alike. There are so many apps they keep us in our heads busy thinking about what’s next, multi tasking and generally not being present with the moment or experiencing it. This increases our stress and decreases productivity. Not to mention it drastically reduces our time for actual conversation with our loved ones. We take our virtual world of social media everywhere with us, the dining table, the loo and even our bed. Whether you notice it or not, it get inbetween most relationships, it’s our comfort blanket when we are alone and distraction when we are with friends.

Alas I have digressed.

When you truly pause and take time for the self, it is an eye opening experience. The world sits still, you feel calm, able to think with clarity and free from any judgement. It can calm your nerves, balance your hormones; restore the mind, body and soul!
It is one of the most over looked aspects of our health. Things such as cardio vascular disease, diabetes and obesity are all physical perils that as a society we work to overcome. Feeling frazzled, dazzled and generally stressed is something we accept without acknowledging the dangers. I feel really lucky to have experienced this and would really like to share the benefits. I often speak in class about observing the body and becoming aware of how it feels, to concentrate on the breath and to use it.

I know it sounds airy-fairy – but there is very good reason for it. The more you think I don’t have time for this, I need to hurry, get in the car, what’s next?! (buzz buzz, frantic panic) I need to check my email, facebook, twitter, I need to be pretty much anywhere that isn’t where I am right now. The more likely it is that you need that moments’ peace to take a step back, refresh and start again.
Without acute awareness of the body and focused concentration Pilates can’t come to life. Sure we can do the exercises but really are they really coming to life, can you feel them? Your abs might be on fire, our thighs are burning and of course our shoulders are having a tough time trying to relax. But can you feel peace, energy and flow? Furthermore can you take this beyond the studio and out of the door, reducing your worries and stresses?

So here is my advice for me and for you, next time we go to Pilates, yoga, run, swim, sit or fly. Take time to pause. It’s that simple, be calm, breathe – your natural breath, notice what you feel and how you feel it. Where is your tension where is your strength? Experience what you are doing and don’t think about it.

A rather long and wordy blog, it’s something I’m passionate about and it is far more useful than we know so go on, don’t worry and take time to pause. You might even have time right now whilst you look at this screen!

Love x