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The art of eating well is one of the most over complicated challenges we face everyday. There is an abundance of information availble to inform and confuse us. It simply makes me feel sad to see people depriving themselves of much needed nutrition everyday or fighting a yo-yo lifestyle in order to look and feel their best. My approach to nutrition is centred around nourishing the body with simple, humble food that leave you looking and feeling great.

One thing is for certain our body and mind want to be healthy, they need to be loved and treated accordingly. There is only one way to address the smaller issues such as fat loss, weight gain, balanced hormones and confidence and that is by addressing the wider health picture. I know it’s difficult to see these as smaller issues when they may well be the thing keeping you awake at night or the thing that gets you down but when you address the wider issue of your health through adequate nutrition the benefits and possibilities are endless and overwhelming.

I work on an individual basis with clients to help them achieve their ultimate health depending on their aims, dreams and desires. I apply a no one size fits all policy and so all nutritional plans are different and based on your individual needs and starting point. My clients simply can’t believe their successes and the ease at which they progress after taking a few simple steps.

It’s wonderful to help people feel better, here are a few of the benefits my clients have experienced:

• Energy levels are massively increased
• Mood swings are a thing of the past
• Fat loss and gaining a healthy BMI
• Greater sense of wellbeing
• Improved, glowing skin
• Better sleep quality
• Reduced anxiety
• Better digestion
• Feeling more confident
• Overcoming food cravings
• Enjoying a health balanced diet

image of nutritious foodEven if none of this is relevant for you but you want to make sure you are optimising your diet Olistica Nutrition offers a comprehensive dietary analysis and individual nutritional plan. I have studied an advanced diploma in nutrition and weight management. Which encompasses study of nutrition for sports and exercise, pre and postnatal nutrition, childhood nutrition and obesity prevention; each of the courses has been certified by the Association for Nutrition. I provide practical advice that works well for your lifestyle, eating well needs to be sustainable and support your health, my plans are totally holistic and are designed to make eating well enjoyable and easy.

If you would like to book a consultation with me feel free to contact or call to see if I am able to help, I’m happy to chat.

Sophia x


“I hit 40 and had a massive wake up call to my health and well being . Whilst I excersized regularly my diet needed an overhaul massively.

Sophia has literally changed my life. No more ‘quick-fix’ diets or following the latest fad. Sophia patiently worked with me over a few months and helped me to understand how my emotions are linked to my eating and never once judged me.

6 months later I am 12 lb lighter (which is staying off!) I have bundles of energy and I have the tools and understanding to keep this up in the long term. From this I am able to now teach my daughter how to make good informed food choices to assist with her own healthy and balanced future with food.

Sophia has literally changed my whole relationship with food for good. You are a star and I can not thank you enough.” 

Jackie Noden, Nutrition Client

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