My Story

Hello, welcome to Olistica Pilates website. I’m Sophia it’s a pleasure to meet you. sophia pownall

I am a Pilates teacher, nutritional advisor, yoga enthusiast and general wellness geek, I want to help people in whatever way I can. I wanted to become an instructor after experiencing first hand all the amazing benefits of Pilates, I can hand on heart say it changed my life and continues to do so each day. I am stronger physically, psychologically and emotionally and happier as a result. Pilates and yoga have cured so many issues for me personally and I just want to share that with anyone who is interested. A love of fitness naturally grew into a love of nutrition and a dedication to wellness.

I have not always lived so healthily, in fact my teens were spent fighting a love hate relationship with food and an exercise obsessed early 20’s. I remember going to bed promising myself tomorrow I’d do something about my weight, standing on the scales and being genuinely shocked I was heavier than my Dad. The time came for change not long before I left school, I began to restrict my calories. I felt happier so much more confident I didn’t know happiness like that quite existed. Not long after I joined a gym and began to workout, I just loved the way it made me feel. My Mum joked one day as she picked me up – ‘your sweating!’

Just before I turned 20 I started Pilates and joined a yoga class, I didn’t understand what it was all about at first, such slow movements with careful control and precision – it taught me a lot, I also got strong for the first time in my life. During my early 20’s I spent huge amount of time on faddy diets, fasting, over exercising and generally making myself feel miserable then binging – constantly fighting going backwards. It wasn’t easy to stick with but with determination I kept with it and eventually I began to take interest in proper nutrition. The constant dieting became a distant memory, my anxiety seemed to settle with the reduced sugar and increased goodness. My skin was clearer so was my mind, I began to eat more without piling on the pounds. It was a miracle!

After a few years I decided I wanted to study Pilates, inspired by my tutor and friends I needed to know more. Doing my qualification was just the beginning it was like opening a door to a whole new world, since then I have continued to study all areas of wellness, to help my understanding of the human body and psyche. I do very genuinely love my role and continue to feel enthused with everyday I am lucky enough to share my passion with those that I meet. It is simply thrilling to see my clients embark upon their wellness journey as I once did, the journey is never ending filled with beautiful transformations, emotional, psychological and physical.

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My Website

I wanted to start this website to provide a resource for those of you that wanted more than one class a week or needed extra information along with your Pilates or nutrition consultations. I wanted for my blog to show how humble the art of living well can be and how working from your heart space is so much more rewarding than working from your ego.

My whole ethos focuses upon the positive steps we take no matter how big they are, I don’t see the point in listing all the dos and don’t of health, I just prefer to roll with what is, accepting where we are and where we can go from here. It’s very empowering that this moment right now can be the moment for positive change. I hope that above all my website communicates that I believe in you, you are beautiful and can do anything you set your mind to.

I am currently working on a ladies wear collection, that I hope will empower the wearer and highlight their natural beauty, wrapping them in a free spirited sense of confidence.

I hope you enjoy my blog, find time for yourself and continue to smile. Please feel free to leave a message on the blog, or contact if you have any questions or would like to share a story or photo I love to see what you have been up to.

Sophia x