Slightly out of town sits Mazzo, an Italian trattoria which is housed in a once notorious nightclub. It’s interior is impressive, modern, industrial yet warm and inviting. We opt to sit at a bar table to absorb the friendly atmosphere.

Mazzo, Rozengracht

The menu is a delight to me, familiar and Italian just what we needed. I don’t look at the menu here, I simply feast my eyes as the waiter walks to and from the kitchen. We spot a family at the bar sharing a beautiful platter of cured meats and pickles, which prompts our chatter on whats that and where will it be on the menu, when the waiter arrived we just said I want that one!

It makes me smile as it takes me back to our first holiday in Italy where I did exactly the same thing; people were eating little tapas style dishes that weren’t featured on the menu, the poor waiter didn’t speak a word of English and my Italian is more than rusty; I think he sensed what I was after from my roaming eyes. I’m sure Brady thought I was crackers but it paid off. Two perfect platters fit for well errr, people with healthy appetites!