Well what can I say, it was in one word, incredible!
An entirely secret weekend awaited and I had no idea. I’m like a Magpie loving anything small and shiny and my boy didnt hold back with thoughtful gift, he booked us in at Nobu knowing my love for Sushi.  Possibly the best sushi I have ever encountered.
Desert was amazing we often speak about it now, I had a green-tea sponge with coconut sorbet and it was quite frankly ridiculous.
After a lovely day window shopping for furniture around Kennsington we head to the Jazz Club to see Jocelyn Brown – I was left speechless!  Spoilt from start to finish a weekend I won’t forget, which leaves us with this problem, valentines day is upon us again!
Previously I had no expectation of the day it meant nada to me. Now on the other hand I have first hand experience oh the joys of valentines..long gone are the days of partying until dawn with my friends over this romantic weekend now we are in a world of expectation and anticipation and for the helpless romantics out there it can be a frustrating time, and this is where I am. My poor boy has made a rod for his own back!
After considerable thought I have decided to arrange the day for both of us, determined to find something suitably romantic and fun, I have started planning – Ladies do you realise how hard men have to work? It’s no joke, it’s not an easy task looking for date activities. Romantic, fun, sophisticated, interesting and different. How?
Finally I have finalised the plan, I am excited as I have never had to plan the date and cover all eventualities but I think (hope) I have managed it. Looking forward to the big day just hope he enjoys it as much as I did last year.
Wish me luck
Maggie Magpie xx