If I see one more juice on instagram I might just scream! The media is as serious fault when it come to our health. Things are promoted in so many different ways and different lights, how on earth are we supposed to navigate our way through a potential minefield of conflicting information to know what’s good or not so good for us!?

I really enjoy a nice juice and I admit to sharing my juicy concoctions with you via social media, I like to join in with these little trends and watch them unfurl. On a serious note the juicing world has really got me thinking. I have seen friends loose huge amounts of weight from juicing and feel great. I have seen this originally healthy approach to a juice detox turn into a faddy diet and then seen my beautiful loved ones feeling exhausted, energy-less and reaching for a sugar fix falling short of their goals and then feeling more defeated than before. So how can this be healthy?

I’ve looked at some of the pros of juicing and they are very valid;

Juicing is a great way of boosting your intake of fruit and vegetables. Not only are you boosting your intake, it’s all Raw, you may have already read my little blog on why it’s so important to eat some raw goodness. Eating more fruit and vegetable is the best way to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in our diet. Eating them raw just means they will be of better quality. If you or your children aren’t particularly into your veggies this is great because it’s a fun way to quite literally squeeze them in. It’s quick and a great use for all fresh produce that may look as though t’s on the way out!

Juices work on the go!

I did read sometime ago that juicing can give your digestive system a welcome break, simply because it doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to digest liquid. This may be of benefit to somebody who is eating constantly and particularly late at night but certainly isn’t inclusive of people who manage to eat at sensible times and then don’t eat throughout the night when our bodies are resting. Including juice as an addition to an already healthy diet is great.

Juicing helps weight loss– well of course this is true! If you practically starve yourself and live of juice you will loose weight. Consuming a lot of micronutrient in liquid form will boost your immune system and give your skin a glow, but it’s important to realise this is not the solution. It’s the tip of it. It can be used as a kick start, when carefully planned but soon after a healthy eating regime is hugely important to managing a healthy lifestyle. The weight loss may come from the strong will of the individual and their need for change rather than the juicing. Perhaps any ‘diet’ would work at that point.

Cravings– juicing is supposed to remove our cravings. I don’t know what I think of this. Juices can provide a huge amount of sugar, so why would you crave sugar? Supplying your body with lots of nutrients will also help manage cravings…do your nutrients need to be juiced? Just a thought.

I seem to have lead us quite naturally into the cons of juicing.

Juicing doesn’t provide us with all we need. FACT. Fibre and protein are hugely important to our growth, repair and brain function, as well as stabilising our hormones.

Using a lot of fruit in your juices really increases the calorific value of the juice. I’ve already mentioned sugar and there is a hell of a lot of it in fruit, especially mangos, bananas, melons and other lovely to blend smoothie options. It’s really important to balance the nutritional content with the calorific value.

Detoxing- it’s really interesting to consider why we want to detox and what from. I know for me it is just to recover from a not so healthy weekend or holiday. But when we really consider it, it’s more likely that we can achieve this without going to such extremes. Could we not just cut out the alcohol, processed foods and whatever else we have been over indulging in?

And..would this actually reinforce the importance of eating a well balanced nutritious diet.

Annd..help us see the relationship between eating well and feeling good. Rather than looking good and feeling awful, if you know what I mean.

So I would conclude and my lists are not exhaustive that juicing is OK and can be a great way to include a few more vitamins and mineral but it is certainly not the key to optimum health as it appears in the media. Like everything balance is key and realistically it is hugely dependant on the individual and their needs.

As alway love your body and treat it like you would a newborn baby- that is with tender loving care!