I’ve got the feeling that this year is going to be one of those game changing times where the stars align, and all is well. Recently I’ve been reading into numerology and have discovered that 2020 is year 1 in my personal chart, it’s the time to be sowing seeds for the next 9 years and investing in a new adventure or venture or both. I’ve worked it back through my life and at some point, or another during year 1 there has always been an epic change of direction or beginning of something new and exciting.

Feeling lifted and generally excited about nothing particular since NYD it’s been tricky to pin down my exact ‘resolutions’ although there are a few specifics, mainly I’ve erred towards focusing on the direction of things to come and I thought I’d share there beginnings here.

The Resolutions

This is the easy part it’s where I tell you the exact things I’m going to change, these are the S.M.A.R.T goals that are measurable, you either hit them or you don’t. So, with this in mind I’ve kept it simple;

  • 1 Booty Barre class a week additional to my existing training
  • 2 litres of H2O per day. I’m terrible at keeping hydrated despite knowing how important it is, the cold doesn’t help either! (3 litres on a training day!)

So far so good with these, I’m working off the notion that everyday is a new day with the water thing so if I fail I will just pick it back up.

The Direction

This is trickier to talk through, it’s less specific and unmeasurable and I’m sure there will be a degree of trial and error with it too.

Reclaim some work life balance

We live in an impossible time in some respects, wanting to be an intentional full time Mummy and still have an engaging career with exciting prospects. I know I’m guilty of wanting it all and finding myself juggling the dinner with emails and rarely finding time to be fully present. Often, I find myself preoccupied with my to-do list. Please say this sounds familiar to some of you? Anyway, this year I want to separate out a little between work and life and find time for both to get my full focus.

Make Goals and Go for Them

I know this is so obvious for many, but I always set goals and then don’t do anything to achieve them. I’m good at knowing what I want, even knowing what has got to be done to get there but I’m even better at putting everyone else before myself and then feeling frazzled and disappointed I’m not meeting my objective. So, I guess we could say I’m just going to honour myself here, my dreams and aspirations. I wonder how difficult it will be for me to say the occasional no.

Get Organised

I am looking forward to decluttering my mind to make room for some much-needed creativity. When there is too much going on there’s little room for creative play and ideas to roll out and for me there is nothing worse that unexpressed, stifled creation. A good declutter of space and time should do the trick in refreshing my mindset.


Out with the Old

I’ve walked a long way in someone else’s shoes, sartorially outside myself. Recently I’ve felt like myself every step, it’s felt like stepping back into my own skin comfortable and easy. I’ve realised it’s the best thing we can do for ourselves, to be powerfully connected to the essence of our own true expression whatever form it takes. Perhaps this is why for me fashion has linked so closely to wellbeing. It’s time for me to part with all the shoes that were metaphorically speaking never mine in the first place.

More live music

There is nothing more freeing, some of my best memories have been listing to great artists and for one reason or another I have fallen off the bandwagon. Time to get back on it, it’s a past time I want to look back on and have shared it with my children.

Be grateful

Because there is always a reason to be!