So I took the night off and what an incredible night it was. I had managed to get some Bombay Bicycle Club tickets before Christmas and I somehow managed to not tell the boy until I gave them to him, I was so excited because I knew he’d love it. He has been talking about them since we first met and although he hasn’t admitted this I know he was secretly impressed when I not only knew who they were but also liked them too.

It was a date night we didn’t often get so I was excited as I headed into the city during the late afternoon. I really fancied SLAW! We had intended to go to The Rotary, a lovely casual little hangout on Old Street. We’ve eaten there a couple of times and enjoyed some proper nosh at a festival last summer. Unfortunately this was a pop up, so we missed it this time round but it left me hankering for slaw. I like wondering around this part of town, its got a buzz. After a bit of a wonder and a debate about where and what to eat we unintentionally find ourselves at the Beard to Tail- it is possibly the most satisfying bit of wondering I have ever done. ‘House SLAW’ I see it, we head in. Everything sounds mouth wateringly good, a low key venue perfect for pre-gig munchies and a glass of Malbec of course.

I ask my usual questions to the poor waiter who does very well at answering my, ‘but what looks best?’ enquiry. We both go for the ribs seeing as they were voted London’s best ribs but TimeOut.

I fancied SLAW!-2

I fancied SLAW!-4

I fancied SLAW!-3

  I fancied SLAW!-1

Mouth watering- massive heap of slaw!

I fancied SLAW!-5

Totally delish!