For anyone who fancies them self as a Bear Grylls this is the perfect adventure. On waking up with a slight hangover we decide the best option is to head out for a walk taking a break from the sunshine. I mean what could possible go wrong.

We took a brief look at google to identify which way to set off, found a blurb which said it should take an hour or so and to just follow the coast, which is exactly what we set off to do. There is a minor road leading away from Hvar Port to Mustado Bay, a picturesque little spot, quiet and free from the any British accents. We debate whether to stop because it seems so lovely we could always walk the extra ‘little’ bit later. Excited to see the coastal line we continue, the other side of this bay the road turns into a track, we miander through trees and rocks soaking up the views.

We walk on, totally unprepared for the mission ahead. Brady starts to make referance to Bear Grylls, as I start to wonder what will happen if we get stuck here forever. I have to laugh there is no other option. I hadn’t read about the route just how long to expect to walk for and which direction. Logic would say being a fitness enthusiast it wouldn’t take me so long as I’m not one to hang about. Logic is wrong and the internet lies!

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-2

An hour or so later we find another bay, with only a few boys sunbathing on the white rocks. This doesn’t look like a small town, this doesn’t really look like anything, we continue. I can’t really convey the humor of this story in writing but we are totally hung over, lost, phoneless, clueless, and now without any water. As we climb the rocks and cliff edges, yes that’s right CLIFFS in our flip flops. Almost falling off the island into the deeps darkest sea you have ever seen. Actually it was very blue and beautiful but deep and crashing into the steep, sharp rocks with force. (I didn’t want to fall!)

Anyway I ask for the little water I had saved because I hate to be dehydrated, I panic at the thought of becoming light headed and having passed out once before I thought it best to save an emergency supply. Oh wait, it was gone! I couldn’t bloody believe it, light headed and climbing rocks with a hangover. Probably over reacting but it appealed to my strange sense of humor. I wondered if what we were doing was safe.

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-3

‘Brady, do you think this is dangerous?’

Walking through snakes-ville and cliff edges, completely lost in the beating sun. I mean why would that even be mildly silly. It’s something you’d tell your children to never do, incase they tripped or heaven forbid the tide were to come in. We walk past two more bays, the path becoming less and less of a path with each step we took.

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-4

We finally come to a woodland area, we might actually get eaten by a snake. I had to laugh; a rather angry bug was flying for my head, Brady Grylls had done the manly thing and walked ahead. I scream, he thinks ‘snake attack’ and runs back to rescue me, no just an angry but frustrating an already rather agitated hiker. We can see Milna in the distance.
Milna Bay itself is a beautiful beach with a handful of very nice restaurants. We recuperate on some sun loungers and a couple of litres of water followed by a G&T. That’s better.

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-7

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-6

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-5

We went for a light seafood lunch at the busiest little restaurant. I declare it was worth the walk. It was really tasty and simple. I’m not one for white wine but it was here I discovered Posip, deep, creamy, full-bodied and entirely sumptuous. Happy as Larry we chat and sip for a few hours before heading back to Hvar on a small boat. This was far easier but it was nice to see the route we walked and giggle about our little adventure.

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-8

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-9

And Brady Grylls himself.

From Hvar, To Milna, with love!-10