Pre-Hvar I had been told about the food and I was looking forward to indulging. Gariful was the first in a rather long line of places I was excited to be munching my way through. Gariful sits at the waters edge right at the far side of the port, with stunning views, we luckily made a reservation to watch the sun go down – I know how romantic!

To start with we shared Dalmatian Smoked Ham, which we were told was a delicacy over in Croatia. We had a really good chat with the man who owned the Deli in the old town, who made us a couple of ridiculous baguettes with local goats cheese and prosciutto, he was telling us that his family also supply a stall at Borough Market, so we are never too far from a taste of Hvar if we so desire.

We ordered far too much for the main event, Scampi Buzzara (scampi in spicy sauce) which is what you can see me making quite a mess with. It was phenomenal- and that is all I need to say. I took the bib as a little reminder. When we are next touring the Med on our yacht I will be sure to find time to pop on shore to return it and stop for lunch and a little Plavac.

We also ordered the ‘1st Quality Fresh Fish’ (ohhhh eerrr! – catch of the day) simply because Gariful is best known for it’s speciality fish and I didn’t want to miss out on anything. Gariful sources all it’s fish locally by a fleet of fishing boats during the day, to present a feast by night. Two massive fillets of white fish came out with an assortment of mediterranean vegetables. It was the topic of conversation for a few days at least, a delicious supper in a beautiful setting.

After dinner I went inside for a snoop and found an underground aquarium. Wrongly or rightly so, I quite enjoyed it, beneath my feet I could have selected a lobster if I wasn’t quite so full.