I’m a little obsessed with SLAW! I gave some tips on how to save time and this is a great for busy people. Slaw is best after leaving to sit to marinade, I make it when I have time and eat it when I don’t. Its one of my favourites because its so versatile and healthy, I eat with chicken, tuna steaks, homemade burgers and seeds (not all at once though). Its easy to put in a lunch box, great as a side or an extra at your BBQ!


White Cabbage, red cabbage, chilli, carrots, limes, thai fish sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. 


Method, well it’s very simple!

I thinly slice half of the cabbages, and chop the carrots into matchsticks. I throw them into a large bowl. Deseed one fresh chilli, and chop throw it in. Add more if you like it hot!!

Then I squeeze the juice of two limes, 4 table spoons of balsamic vinegar , 2 table spoons of thai fish sauce. Salt and pepper. I whisk with a fork and then the all important taste test. I then just add a bit more of whatever I think, so today a third lime went in.

Mix it up, cover and place in the fridge.

Dare I call this a super foods SLAW? I’m not so sure, there are plenty of health benefits to eating raw and it is said that one third of your diet should be so. It was very tasty and I am just about ready for my next batch.  xx