diVino provided us with the best nights of our trip to Hvar and is the reason I would want to revisit the sunniest island on the Adriatic. So a worthy blog to sum up are travels albeit very belated!!

diVino is a wine studio with stunning views and very knowledgable sommeliers. We sipped different varieties of local wines, learning about the grape and the conditions they are picked in. On our return I spoke to a lovely lady who is a wine buyer, she described wine is such a beautiful way I’d like to share it; she said that wine is an expression of a moment and place in time. Thank you Elaine. Anyone who appreciates expressionist art will appreciate this sentiment, and yes since then i have had much more appreciation for the shades, flavours and smells.

We sat singing to Frank Sinatra until we realised people were coming in to for a romantic evening meal. Giggly we meandered the streets and found a traditional rooftop restaurant for dinner – which actually turned out to be one of my favourite nights in Hvar…we couldn’t stop laughing, I won’t explain why, I think you had to be there!

diVino wasn’t one to be missed for food either, it was out of this world sensational.

So here I am in my one of my most special dresses, I don’t wear it all that often so I can save it for years to come. I love it’s layers and that it swings and swishes as you dance. It’s an old AllSaints number and a staple in the Soso Phia wardrobe.

So to start I’ll have…

Then for main…

Homemade fettuccine with lobster and dried cherry tomatoes, I have never eaten so slowly, trying to savour every last mouthful. It is by far the loveliest most sumptuous thing I have ever devoured. That is until dessert came.

The song ‘It started with a kiss’ just came to mind; only It started with SAND. The dessert was called Sand. Chocolate caramel ganache, chantilly, petit beurre crumble, bitter orange, thyme, pink peppercorn. All I can say it thank you Tea Mamut for this wonderful creation. Tea Mamut is a 3 Michelin star pastry chef, and whilst I’m not really into Michelin stars all that much because I’m as happy to eat on the pavement sampling street foods in Thailand, enjoying local ‘normal’ cuisine. But my God this was definately worth a *** rating.