What is Booty Barre? booty barre classes

Booty Barre is an exhilarating total body workout combining Pilates strength, Yoga’s focus and Ballets’ grace. Booty Barre was developed by Tracey Mallet in LA, Sophia was fortunate enough to train with Tracey here in London to obtain her official Booty Barre certification and continues to follow the training programme keeping classes continually updated and interesting.

Each class starts with a dynamic warm up and upper body work followed by a 30 minutes at the barre working on strength and flexibility mixed with cardio blasts to keep the heart rate elevated.

High energy music will keep you motivated to help you achieve those last few reps! Each class concludes with Pilates inspired abdominal work and stretch.

Who is Booty Barre for?

Anyone wanting to transform their shape and improve their fitness. My clients love this workout can cannot believe how quickly it tones and elongates the body.

“ I have never enjoyed a class so much or seen the difference it makes so dramatically. I’ve lost inches from my waistline and thighs, my arms are slender and toned, I feel strong without any bulk.”
Lucy, Baldock

booty barre logoDo you need dance experience?

Absolutely not! Booty Barre is a fitness class, it is easy to follow with clever choreography that leaves you feeling graceful!

What are the benefits of Booty Barre?

Booty Barre will work your muscles and body in a way you probably haven’t worked before, and that’s one of the secrets why it works so well!

• Improved posture and balance
• Fat burning intervals – keep you metabolism on high for 24 hours.
• Deep toning isometric conditioning
• Core training
• Muscles appear elongated and strong inherent to Pilates and Ballet training
• Strength without the bulk!
• Oh and YES!! Your ‘Booty’ will be tighter!!