I love a blind date. The anticipation, preparation and excitement. I am a self confessed thrill seeker, I love excitement, recently I read that this was a negative trait my belief is that it depends how you manage it.

Butterflies flutter on Friday as I prepare myself for the blind date (with a twist) I obviously know how my lovely fella looks even how he left our home this morning, the twist is that I have no idea where I am going this afternoon. I have instruction to wear something nice – not my best frock but about 46% best- whatever that is supposed to mean.

So with London as our playground I head into the city for lunch. Meeting at Kings Cross we walk across to Granary Square and I can’t help but notice the fashionably dressed in the street and central St Martin’s – long term ambition is to study a Masters Degree there, I am just not sure which subject – but that’s another story.

Sitting next door in Grain Store, I am suitably impressed by the decor a simple, industrial mix of textures. A working space with open kitchen. An impressive building a refurbished Victorian warehouse which is part of the regeneration taking place at Kings Cross.

The menu does not disappoint and feeds the imagination of those sticking to their health kick. Grain Store stars veggies, pulses, grain and leaves garnished with fish and meat.

One thing my blind date and I have in common is our love for good food. Strangely since our first few encounters we have always silently read and absorbed the menu before selecting exactly the same dish one thing is certain food envy is rarely a difficulty. We both go for the Vietnamese style salad, seatrout and squid a la plancha. Completely delicious, satisfying and I manage to feel guilt free it being a relatively health option.

We mooch around the city before heading up to Camden to watch some salsa moves and live music.