About olistica pilates

Hello and thank you for visiting Olistica Pilates where I aim to offer you a totally holistic approach to your health, happiness and fitness.

Olistica Pilates was born in 2011 as a small project where I could share my passion for Pilates through teaching. Witnessing my clients benefit from their practice was a great thrill and privilege but I knew Olistica had so much more to offer and so our ethos was born; ‘Healthy Body, Happy Mind’. It is my belief that this ethos can only be achieved through a holistic approach to our health which Olistica Pilates strives to achieve through practical nutrition and functional exercise.

I was so inspired to see everyone becoming so strong both physically and emotionally I wanted to offer a class that gave more challenge. I trained with Tracey Mallet the creator of Booty Barre in London to complete my certification in 2012. Booty Barre works hand in hand with Pilates and follows a similar train of thought, using precise movements to condition the body rather than throwing yourself around the room.

olistica pilates baldockI absolutely love what the holistic mind body sector can offer us, and continuous research lead me to Nutrition. I now work with clients all over the country offering nutritional advice to people
from all walks of life. It is more than rewarding to share this journey with you and that is why I share my Blog on this website illustrating how my humble starting point has lead to creating this wonderful community.

Today Olistica offers Pilates and Booty Barre classes across Baldock, Letchworth and Hitchin in a group or private capacity. While Olistica’s Nutritional Guidance can and is being offered globally.

From this humble beginning the services I now offer have grown and my clients and I have developed into a community, sharing recipes, ideas and friendship. Here on my website I am excited to be able to share that with you. I hope you are able to take inspiration and join us!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any thing you would like to share. It is wonderful to hear how your Olistica journey is shaping up.

With Love

Sophia x