10 Reasons Skiing Beats Ibiza

I am a firm believer that everybody deserves a chapter in their life called Ibiza, in fact I don’t think I’m quite out of that chapter yet myself. Here are my 10 top reasons why skiing is by far my most favourable holiday choice, and why the chapter called Ibiza may on the back burner-until May at least.

1- It’s amazingly relaxing. Yes waking up early and being active is far more relaxing than we give it credit. You won’t need time to unwind or recover and you certainly don’t wake up thinking what shall we do today.

2- The scenery is sensational and there is nothing like good old fresh air to fill the lungs and fuel the body.

3- Jet lag, Ibiza is only a couple of hours away but that’s not to say you won’t come back jet lagged beyond all belief.

4- You won’t grow out of appreciating the thrill of bombing down the slopes, unlike the thrill of rolling in at breakfast time.

5- You feel totally justified about overindulging, because you worked it off. Right!?


6- Which leads us on to salopettes, they cover a multitude of sins. Unlike their bikini counterpart which is a happy reminder of the pre-holiday diet which didn’t afford us much extra body confidence to not give a monkeys. (Maybe it’s just me that feels that but somehow I doubt it!)

7- It’s ok to take your Mum and Dad skiing- my Dad in particular is young at heart and more free spirited than most but I’m not sure even he would enjoy the diversities that haunt the likes of DC-10!

8- Drinking a vin brûlée at 10.45 is perfectly acceptable. And naturally Aperol Spritz replaces water and helps with the altitude and cold.

9- A white out doesn’t refer to anything you could speak to a law abiding citizen about. I’m just saying and it’s just snow!

10- You come back energised, excited, happy and rested. Are you a convert?

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